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The Hemp Store

Hemp store by Earthencore is one of the first Ecommerce platform to organize and support Hemp market in India. Moreover, since our inception in 2018, we are now catering services globally.

Our online Hemp store include personal care, clothing line, lifestyle products, and other accessories. Good news! The list is ever growing with exciting new products. 

Products listed on Earthencore are produced using state of the art technology. Furthermore, as a part of social responsibility, some products are hand finished by Mandakini Women Weavers Association for BOHECO.

Why Hemp? 

Hemp, or Industrial hemp is strain of Cannabis Sativa plant species that is grown specifically for industrial use. As a matter of fact, hemp is one of the fastest growing plant (about 180 days).

Hemp is one of the earliest plant to be cultivated. It was first spun into usable fibre around 10,000 years ago. However, Hemp use was questioned during 2 world war due to its comparison with Cannabis.

On the other hand, Kudos! to all Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Protestors and plant Enthusiasts for restoring lost glory.

Our Obejective

Educate and create community awareness about industrial hemp through seminars, webinars and talk show.

Contribute and acknowledge Research based development on hemp derivative products.

Lowering carbon footprint by encouraging use of compostable hemp and similar products.

Encouraging Entrepreneurs and Startups about niche market.

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Hemp store by Earthencore